About The Father's Heart Ministries

The Goal

Our goal is to encourage Christians to minister outside the church in their individual giftings and callings. If you are looking for new and exciting areas of ministry, we have a place for you!

Ministry Focus

We form Interdenominational Teams to evangelize through:

  • Worship Services inside Prisons, Churches, International Mission outreaches
  • Street Ministry using Song, Praise and Worship, Drama, Testimony, and the Preaching of God’s Word
  • Discipleship and Bible Study
  • Outreach Ministry to the impoverished people in our realm of influence

Home Missions

Our local mission field, while focused prodominently in North and South Carolina, reaches to several other states.  Methods of ministry include, but are not limited to preaching of The Word, praise and worship through song, testimony and drama.

  • State and Federal Prisons
  • Youth Detention Centers
  • Jails
  • Community outreaches through Street Ministry
  • Discipleship teams
    • Small-group Bible Studies in prisons and detention centers
    • Mentoring ex-inmates
    • Provide Bibles and teaching materials to Chaplains, Correctional Officers, and inmates\

Foreign Missions 

Our foreign mission field is prodominently focused in Guatemala along with El Salvador, and Nicaragua.  We are now also working with a pastor in England, Future Mission Plans also include Italy.

Though our current mission efforts are evangelism, church services, seminars, and confrences, we also have access to facilitate medical and dental mission teams through our ministry partner network.

We are currently looking into skype and it's ability to facilitate international prayer partners.

Our Background

"The Father’s Heart Prison Ministries" was established in 1997 through the leading of God’s Spirit.  The prison part of the ministry name was built on the fact that without Jesus, we are all in a prison of some sort.

Our volunteers minister through hundreds of services each year in prisons, churches, and mission outreaches.  We have been actively involved predominately in prison ministry through ministry partners since 1991. 

Because we found ourselves ministering in so many other ways other than the prison setting, we changed the name to "The Father's Heart Ministries" to encompass the true heart of the ministry without limiting ourselves to "Just prisons".

"The Father's Heart Prison Ministries" is under the covering of Carolina Evangelistic Association in Charlotte, NC and our home church, The Father's House in Midland, NC.

Get Involved

The Father's Heart Ministries vision and goal is to minister in the places and to the people where the regular church does not normally go. We do this according to all of Mathew 25: 34-46.

If you’d like to volunteer with The Father's Heart Ministries, please give us a call at 704-786-4511.


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